Affirmative Action Planning

Affirmative Action Plans are required for all contractors who have 50 employees and $50,000 in federal contracts, with a few exceptions. The efforts of contractors and subcontractors must be taken to recruit and advance qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities and covered veterans. Detailed guidelines are available at the Department of Labor's website.

What is important to know . . . employers in general should:

  1. keep a record of applicants and the disposition of those candidates.
  2. document internal promotions, transfers, layoffs and separations.
  3. document actions taken to source and promote diverse candidates internal and external to the organization.

Affirmative action includes training programs, outreach efforts and other positive steps for inclusion. Procedures and self-assessments should be incorporated into the company's employee handbook. An Affirmative Action Plan is a living, breathing document – they should review reviewed and updated annually.

We can help you create a foundation for collecting the necessary data and perform the detailed analysis for your organization. Call us today!

Direct Hire Placement

Direct Hire Placements are just one tool in the toolbox of sourcing a high performing workforce. Our direct hire placements are found through diverse sources and are generally non-active employment seeking individuals – in other words, employed individuals who are satisfied with their current employment situation.

We are not a "monster." We don't use big databases to find candidates. Our candidates know us and we know them.

Prior to sourcing candidates, we work with our clients to create an accurate job posting and perform a market study to ensure the compensation package being offered is commensurate with the experience and education required. We offer a variety of personality and skills based assessments. Moreover, we will conduct thorough experience and education verification, criminal background checks and drug testing.

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Employee Relations

Maintaining good employee relations can foster a strong culture of trust, confidence and good order. On the flipside, complaints and grievances, while difficult to manage, can result in improved employee morale and increased employee engagement if handled promptly and professionally.

We strive to work with clients who choose to be proactive regarding their employee relations efforts. Best practices include establishing solid communication methods, well written policies and procedures and open-door practices.

Our consultants are adept at handling even the most difficult situations. We are available 24/7/365. We provide an emergency contact number for clients who wish to have unlimited access. Common allegations and investigations include:

  • Background Check Resolution
  • Performance/Productivity
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Discipline
  • Employee Separations

We hope organizations never need our investigatory services, but the reality is that at some point a neutral, third party will be the best course of action in attempting to resolve a hostile work situation. Our services are confidential and discreet.

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HR Outsourcing Services

Cost savings is the number one sited reason for outsourcing HR services. More importantly, outsourcing portions of the human resource function allow professionals to focus on more strategic efforts. HR professionals focused on business driven programs and bottom line results must be adept at identifying outsourcing solutions and guide organizations through vendor selection and the relationship. Traditional outsourcing options include:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • HR process creation
  • Job Analysis / Job Descriptions
  • Assessments
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Benefit Administration
  • Payroll Support
  • Employee Coaching
  • Outplacement Assistance
  • Training & Development

As always a business case must be made to go the route of outsourcing HR activities. Added benefits for outsourcing can:

  1. provide organizations access to specialized HR expertise not otherwise available with current staff.
  2. provide additional assistance with regulatory compliance and reduce risk to the organization.
  3. improve response times on transactional HR functions ultimately improving employee productivity and engagement.

We can help reduce time and resources spent on transactional HR issues and you can concentrate on your strategic vision. Contact us today!

Managed Staffing

Need a project completed and don't have the manpower to get it done? What about finishing a long term task and are missing the required skill set? We can help. We employ specific contract personnel to assist with long term projects requiring distinct skills and abilities. Assignments generally range in length from 60 days to 2 years.

We provide managed staffing services across multiple industries and occupations. Typical classifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting Support Staff
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Generalists
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Parks and Recreation Assistants
  • Quality Control Technicians
  • Receptionists/Greeters
  • Recruiters

Our clients find this service invaluable. We understand their business and their needs.

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Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments are a very effective tool in determining the "health" of the organization. All aspects of the organization may be reviewed to measure the level of compliance with internal processes and against external standards.

Our approach to organizational assessment is specific to the interrelated activities of human resource programs, policies and procedures within the organization and externally to customers. We look across the organization and measure the impact of the following core HR functions:

  1. HR Strategy
  2. Recruitment
  3. Compensation
  4. Health & Wellness
  5. Performance Management
  6. Terminations
  7. Training & Development
  8. Safety
  9. Legal
  10. HR Technology
  11. Basics
  12. Sources of Data

Click here to check out our one page scorecard to see how your HR department measures up. The scorecard is only a guide and in no way represents all HR aspects of every organization.

Performance Management

Performance Management in its simplest state is a feedback mechanism to monitor and offer constructive recommendations in response to both positive and negative workplace behaviors. Well-constructed programs will (1) establish clear performance goals, (2) generate honest dialog and (3) utilize technology to streamline the process.

Difficulties with performance management often arise because the communication is considered highly personal which may be threatening for supervisors and employees. Supervisors are often unskilled in providing direct feedback and coaching and reluctant to have difficult conversations with their employees.

Supervisors who are skilled at providing constructive feedback and utilize coaching moments will inherently improve the performance of their employees. We offer several training programs specifically designed to enhance this skill set of new supervisors.

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Imagine having an expert to dialogue with your employees on a variety of topics while on your timeline at your location. We offer subject matter experts who can develop and deliver a variety of training programs nearly anywhere, nearly anytime. We offer multiple off-the-shelf training programs covering a diverse range of topics. Courses are generally developed in one of our three track programs:

Track 1 - Compliance – regulatory and compliance related programs (e.g. ethics, EEO, Sexual Harassment Awareness)

Track 2 - Leadership – leadership driven programs designed specifically to improve employee relations and productivity

Track 3 - Create Your Own – organizations can select from more than 25 programs to create a menu of offerings for employees

The possibilities for training are endless. We help define the need, create the content and deliver the training.

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In concert with job analysis we create effective compensation strategies that foster quality hires, promote employee engagement and improve retention. Compensation today includes all the tangible and intangible efforts and practices that are used to compensate employees for the services they provide. A total rewards pay program or compensation strategy considers how the following items impact business operations:

  • Base pay
  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement planning
  • Dental, Life and Vision benefits
  • Bonus plan
  • Other health and wellness incentives
  • Professional development
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • PTO/Vacation and Holiday Pay

Compensation programs need to be competitive based on industry and geographic region. Pricing programs out of the market can be detrimental to employee engagement should leaner times require a drawback of benefits.

We offer a variety of compensation and benefit consulting services. Learn more about our offerings. Give us a call.

Employee Handbooks

Well-crafted employee handbooks can be a positive communication tool that helps create and maintain good order and discipline. Poorly constructed handbooks leave gaps in policies and create unnecessary risks for the organization.

In Texas, employment is at-will, and at no time, do employers want to imply through an employee handbook or other employee communication that there is an implied contract of employment. There are a number of policies that should be included within the pages of an employee handbook below is partial list of important policies:

  • Employment At-Will
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • American with Disability Act
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation in the Workplace
  • Safety & Security
  • Workplace Violence
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Workplace Expectations (code of conduct)
  • Communication
  • Solicitation
  • Employment
  • Time Off / Leave of Absence
  • Travel & Expense Policy
  • Personnel Records

The organization and formatting of your handbook should be specific to your business and the use of templates should be used with caution.

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Form I-9

The Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification is used by employers to verify an employee's identity and to establish their eligibility to accept employment within the United States. The current Form I-9 is available on the U.S. Citizens Immigration Service website.

We suggest an annual review or self-inspection of your Form I-9s to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements. If you are considering hiring a third party firm to conduct an audit of your active and inactive Form I-9s, please consider consulting with an Immigration Attorney or your General Counsel first. Third party firms contracted directly offer no protection of the findings of the audit. If you decide to hire a third party firm directly – above all else, commit to correcting any identified deficiencies. The worst thing an organization can do is knowingly violate the rules and make no attempt to fix errors.

We can assist your with your internal Form I-9 Audit. Call us today!

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions can be one of an organization's most important documents or its worst nightmare when it comes to employee issues.

The format, or look and feel, of a job description should reflect the culture of the organization and be written so that they are understandable and comprehensible by all levels of employees. Well written job descriptions should contain some generally accepted terms, definitions and specifications. Key identifiers include:

  1. Position Title
  2. Department/Division
  3. Working Conditions
  4. Position Summary
  5. FLSA Classification
  6. EEO Classification
  7. Salary Range
  8. Essential Functions
  9. Education
  10. Experience

Optional items for consideration may include:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility
  2. Supervisor Responsibility
  3. Assessments
  4. Software/Hardware/Computer Equipment
  5. Competencies
  6. Travel

It is highly recommended that job descriptions be reviewed annually to ensure applicability and relatedness.

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Our long history of resolving employee and business related issues has positioned us to play a unique role in the field of mediation. Mediation is a convenient and cost effective tool available to agreeing parties in an effort to resolve issues without going through the courts.

Our services are confidential and discreet. Sessions are conducted at a neutral location by a mediator approved by both parties. Previous mediations brought to resolution include:

  • Employee Terminations
  • Employee Discipline
  • Applicant Discrimination
  • Rental Agreement Disputes
  • Service Contract Cancellations

We make every effort to provide timely and responsive guidance. Our role, as a mediator, is not to make recommendations or provide solutions. We act as a neutral third-party party to facilitate a dialog and offer a variety of communication and problem solving techniques to further the discussion. Our goal is to engage both parties in conversation to resolve the issues at hand.

Contact our team to speak with a State of Texas Certified Mediator.

Outplacement Assistance

Outplacement Assistance offers employees in career transition a graceful and meaningful way to make a necessary career change or exit an organization while maintaining a mutual sense of respect.

The benefits of offering outplacement assistance include:

  • Employee Goodwill
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Employee Engagement

Our Rapid Reemployment program consists of multiple mini workshops covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to: a career assessment, resume writing, workplace etiquette, marketing yourself, mocking interviewing and job lead generation. We ensure that participants have the opportunity to practice their skills through multiple workshop exercises and role plays. All participants are guaranteed the opportunity to attend two mock interviews – one onsite with a SeeKing HR career advisor and one offsite with one of our employment partners.

Outplacement is offered as a one-on-one service or in small group settings.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning identifies the organization's long term goals and objectives while determining the necessary steps to achieve them. The goal is always to provide the organization with a competitive advantage through long-range planning. The best designed plans avoid costly and disruptive surprises that prevent goals from being achieved. Specific processes include:

  • creating a roadmap for managing change throughout the organization.
  • determining where the organization is going so that all division/department efforts support the same vision.
  • planning for longer periods of time, typically ranging from three years up to two decades.
  • making major decisions, long-term commitments and acquiring a large number of resources.

Effective human resource strategies require a practical and results oriented approach. As consultants we are able to bring the best of the best in practices, policies and procedures to your organization. We are experts in the core functions of human resources and therefore able to make recommendations and offer solutions that are innovative and cost effective.

The benefits of strategic planning include instilling a sense of ownership at all levels of the organization and providing a strong sense of direction. Let us help you create the plan and steer the course. Call us today.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a process that organizations use to analyze current workforce and determine the steps necessary to formulate future staffing needs. Key considerations include internal (e.g. age of the workforce) and external factors (e.g. skill availability). Workforce planning is more than a staffing tool – it is critical to developing successful staff training and succession plans. Understanding your workforce and trends in employment can provide your organization a competitive advantage going forward.

Organizations should conduct regular and thorough workforce planning assessments so that needs can be measured, training and development goals established and contingent workforce options can be utilized to create contingent workforce options that respond to business needs.

An action oriented workforce plan will uncover:

  1. the composition and content of your workforce required to operationally run and support future business objectives.
  2. the gaps that exist between the current organization and the future state.
  3. the recruitment and training plans required to close the identified gaps.
  4. the external resources available to meet the required skills, functions or processes.

It is strongly suggested that the ultimate payoff from workforce planning is a vibrant, internal job market that transcends the boundaries between divisions and departments. Systematic planning will create a resource to mine employee data to locate talent anywhere in the organization.

Contact our team and let us help you create a strategic workforce planning tool.