Another Talent Tuesday

It's Tuesday and as you gear up for the Thanksgiving Holiday, take a moment to consider what you are thankful for:  a family, a roof over your head, a hearty meal enjoyed with friends and loved ones.

Standing Out in a Job Search

First impressions are lasting ones.  Making the right first impression while conducting a job search can be a critical to your success.  And for some, the first impression is the toughest obstable to overcome.

That's What Banking is All About

A bank is a bank.  They have money to loan and hopefully you have money to save.  The bank loans your money at a rate higher than what you receive when you save.  Any bank out there can do this, but is that enough?

Top 10 Quick Fixes for Resumes

Ever seen a great resume get passed over and wonder why?  Do you feel like your resume is absolutely the best one on the market and wonder why you aren't getting any calls for interviews?  Consider . . . and in no particular order