New Year, Same Me

Every year, you hear the mantra, “New Year, New Me!” Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but why does the New Year have to bring about a new you? With February right around the corner and resolutions already falling flat, I’m here to say, “New Year, Same Me!”

Like everyone else, I’ve tried the resolutions, I’ve tried channeling my energy in words (slightly more effective), you name it – I’ve tried it. But…What I’ve found is, that trying to change myself and become a “new me” – a healthier me, a more present me, a harder working me, a better mom me, a better person me – well, it often leads to feelings of guilt and disappointment in myself when I feel I’ve failed. (Side note - it may just be because I’m a woman, but I do feel that women can be especially hard on themselves.)

2017 was a year of great growth for me, both personally and professionally. 2018 has been fast and furious and promising more of the same. So, here’s the deal. I figure I must be doing something right. So, resolving to “change” doesn’t make much sense.

This year – my only resolution is to stick with staying the same, “Me.”

Stay tuned for my adventures on how I’m going to do just that…



Shannon B. Hernandez, ContributorSBH 2015
San Antonio native, story teller, fashion lover, freelance writer & photographer, communications and wellness expert, work from home Mom - Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Cardigan Communications.