What Do You Like About Your Job?

What Do You Like About Your Job? Before you answer, think for a bit. Because, in this scenario, it’s your boss who’s asking.

Now, I don’t bring that point up to strike fear in your heart or to make you think that this is a trick question. I do bring it up to say that while, “What do you like about your job?” is a seemingly simple question, your answer shouldn’t be. This is your opportunity to share the awesome, and the not so awesome, aspects of your job to your leadership.

We came across this article on the latest trend in HR, the “stay” interview.  Unlike the exit interview, managers are using stay interviews to get fresh insight into improving the work environment, their own leadership skills, or to gain insight into what makes their values employees “tick” – before those employees have emotionally disconnected or stopped caring. In order for these stay interviews to be productive ones, they rely on open and honest two-way conversation between managers and employees. 

So, if and when your boss were to ask you what you enjoy the most about your role, seize the opportunity, and be perfectly candid with them. Your answers clue your boss in to the things you enjoy and want to experience more of.  

  • Be specific about the things that you enjoy the most about your role.
  • Be specific about the things you would like to do more of.
  • Be specific about the things that hinder you from performing your role to the fullest.

When there is honest conversations between manager and employee, where each side gets to listen, ask questions, and agree to follow up on ideas and action plans – you’ll see a happier, more engaged workforce.


Shannon B. Hernandez, ContributorSBH 2015
San Antonio native, story teller, fashion lover, freelance writer & photographer, communications and wellness expert - Founder and Principal Consultant at Hernandez Consulting.