I Want to Write a Book - Part 2

What to write? How to write? What's the best apprach?

In a previous post, I talked about my desire to write a book in 2017. Two years ago I purchased a composition notebook to jot down ideas for the business, but when my traditional steno pad proved to be a better day-to-day task manager, I stopped using it. I have since recyled this particular notebook, with the apt cover, "Live with Passion" as my idea generator. In just one week, I have written twenty-three, yup, twenty-three potential chapter ideas for some serious contemplation and consideration.  

While the working title of the book materialized many years ago, I shall keep it a secret until the "big reveal." The title, not so surprisingly, is one of my biggest motivators keeping my drive alive to complete the project. I don't like for a good idea to go to waste - and a great book title, is a great idea.  

The book is taking shape as a lesson-learned while traveling through life. Traveling abroad, yes, but more importantly, traveling day-by-day encountering people, places and things. The people I work with often indulge me by listening to my crazy life stories, and from time to time I have to wonder if anyone else has these strange encounters. These adventures, learning moments, life lessons - whatever you call them - are just plain crazy, but hidden deep down are important, and often life-altering and affirming messages.  

OK, without giving too much away... Recent stories have included; a cricket, a chicken and a dead man on a stoop. (Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it?) I can't say much more for now, but I can confirm, the commitment is real, and I am making progress.


LeanneLeanne E. King, CEO & President
Business Crusader by day, gardener and general crafty person by night - committed to writing something.