Another Year Has Passed . . .

Another year has passed, and while I reflect on the struggles of 2016, I am also reminded on the simpler joys:

1.    Family
2.    True friends
3.    Brownies and candied pecans
4.    LSA 41

A year focused on courageous decisions - 2016 was filled with work challenges never previously experienced.  

The commitment to service and a reputation for excellence allowed for a significant expansion into South Central Texas; despite the turning over of my staff twice.  Losing staff is difficult, but sometimes a necessity.  While striving for a dynamic and innovative workforce; turnover of people in certain positions can be a welcome surprise.  It causes everyone, myself included, to think differently and for processes to refined.  SeeKing HR, while not a large employer, does provide stable, consistent and relatable experiences for human resource professionals.  I now see that part of the SeeKing HR mission is to engage and develop young professionals and release them out into the world.  And, so the cycle continues.

2016 was also a year of “unprecedented pace” with my honored acceptance to LSA 41 (Leadership San Antonio, Class #41).  In LSA, I met the movers and shakers and the up-and-comers across San Antonio.  I was challenged to think beyond my immediate world and elevate my senses into thinking how I might play a bigger part in the innovation and cultural restoration of San Antonio.

The LSA 41 journey also led me down a literal path resulting in an unfortunate hand injury.   I spent a full month in complete denial that anything was wrong.  I will not soon forget the hand surgeon asking “what brings you here to see me today” and my response was “I can’t push the button on the side of my phone anymore.”   To say it was a long spring, was an understatement.

So, as I move forward into 2017, with new goals in mind, I am now focused on a new word:  Resilience.


-    able to recoil back into shape after bending, stretching or being compressed
-    able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations
-    capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture
-    tending to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change

With a focus on new clients and the new opportunities and a recharging of my soul (thanks to some much-needed time off over the holidays) – I am ready to tackle 2017 and all that it will throw at me. 2017, let’s do this thing.

LeanneLeanne E. King, CEO & President
Business Crusader by day, gardener and general crafty person by night - committed to writing something.